Library Awards

Every day, through actions big and small, ordinary people serving congregational libraries extend themselves to extraordinary limits — providing encouragement and purpose in our field of congregational librarianship. CSLA wants to know about these people and honor them at our national conferences.

Read about the awards given at the CSLA national conference each summer below, and click the image to see a list of past recipients. You may also download our library awards informational brochure.

Library Award Nominations

If you'd like to submit a nomination for any of our annual awards, use this printable library awards nomination form.

Outstanding Congregational Library

Outstanding Congregational Library WinnersCSLA honors a church or synagogue library that has responded in creative and innovative ways to the library’s mission of reaching and serving members of the congregation and/or wider community. Criteria taken into consideration for this award are: frequent use by all ages of church or synagogue membership; accessibility, attractiveness and uniqueness; up-to-date and varied materials; resources other than books; service to all branches of the sponsoring church or synagogue; and evidence of growth and development in size and use. The Outstanding Congregational Library award was first given in 1975. Click the image to see a list of previous winners.


Outstanding Congregational Librarian

Outstanding Congregational Librarian WinnersCSLA recognizes a church or synagogue librarian who exhibits distinguished service to his/her congregation and/or community through devotion to the ministry of congregational librarianship. The first award was given in 1976. Click the image to see a list of previous winners.


Outstanding Contribution to Congregational Libraries

Outstanding Contribution to Congregational Libraries WinnersThis award is given to a person or institution who has provided inspiration, guidance, leadership, or resources to enrich the field of church or synagogue libraries. Criteria for this award include providing an unusual extension of library services in the community, development of special services or materials, promotion and development of congregational library workshops, material or literature, promotion of libraries in a community or area, and promotion of libraries through a denomination or an interdenominational or interfaith group.The first award was given in 1969. Click the image to see a list of previous winners.


Helen Keating Ott Award for Outstanding Contribution to Children's Literature

Helen Keating Ott Award RecipientsNamed for Helen Keating Ott, one of CSLA's most active members and three times a national officer, this award honors a person or organization for significant contribution in promoting high moral and ethical values through children's literature. In addition to librarians, educators, or clergy, appropriate nominees for this award are authors, illustrators, editors or publishers of children’s books.The first award was presented in 1980. Click the image to see a list of previous winners.


Pat Tabler Memorial Scholarship Award

Pat Tabler Award RecipientsCSLA recognizes a librarian who has shown initiative and creativity in starting or renewing a congregational library that is accessible and attractive to patrons. Self-nominations are appropriate. The first Pat Tabler Memorial Scholarship award was presented in 1988. Click the image to see a list of previous winners.